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La Mirada Councilman Andrew Sarega and His Dad Ion Harassing Lamplighter Publisher

Ion Sarega readies to leave after HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews began taking pictures documenting their harassment. La Mirada City Councilman Andrew Sarega is in the car.


Staff Report

Evidently, the series of investigative articles published in the Lamplighter pertaining to La Mirada Councilman Andrew Sarega have hit a nerve.

The series triggered an investigation by the Fair Political Practices Commission into questionable campaign financing by Sarega, an independent expenditure committee called Residents for a Better La Mirada, and losing candidate Tony Aiello.


La Mirada Lamplighter Expose´: Fair Political Practices Commission Opens Investigation On Citizens for a Better La Mirada and City Councilman Andrew Serega


This past Tuesday, Sarega, along with his father Ion, waited outside Hews Media Group-Community News offices in Cerritos for publisher Brian Hews to emerge.

“It was 6 PM at night, I was walking out to my car and Andrew’s dad Ion approached me in a menacing manner. I was surprised and told him to get away from me, and that is when Andrew got out of the car and approached me also.”

Hews pulled out his iPhone and took pictures and video to document the harassment as the two scurried back into Sarega’s late model Lexus.

“As soon as I started snapping pictures they got back in their car,” said Hews.


Ion Sarega arrogantly told Hews to “take my picture,” as he tried to hide his son Andrew in the car.”


“I guess they’re trying to intimidate me, but as a newspaper publisher I’ve seen this before. This is blatant arrogant intimidation of the press.”

Hews continued, “as an elected City Councilman Sarega should be ashamed. He took an oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and the State of California. I guess Sarega missed his Civics class in high school talking about the 1st amendment and freedom of the press.”




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Whoa! There is definitely something wrong with Sarega. La Mirada doesn’t tolerate crooks. He needs to give up his position and move away.

Greta coe

Mr Sarega seemed to act like adolescent bully- but he’s a man! Is kind of harassment acceptable? Did you call the Sheriffs dept so they could make a report of the actions of Councilman Sarega and his father Mr Sarega?

Dean Whinery

Stay strong Lamplighter! You’ve been both my competitor and my co-publication through the years. The late journalist Stan Dunn said a newspaper an newspaperman haven’t been successful unless they’ve raised the ire of a politician.


Make La Mirada Great Again!!!


Brian, you misrepresent the fact the “investigation” was initiated by you…. in an attempt to create a story. Yelling fire in a theater and then reporting that someone yelled fire isn’t news. The bias as a result of you getting money from the city council is apparent.

Time for LM recall

Mr Hews, iff you haven’t already, I think you should have Cerritos Sheriff take a “Suspicious Circumstances” report about the incident.

It’s not a criminal report, but it does serve to document a situation that could lead to a more serious occurance down the road.

Who knows what these two might do. Ion has several felony convictions in his past.