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December 3-9, 2018 La Mirada Crime Summary

Notable Arrests
  • The La Mirada Detectives and Special Assignment Team conducted a warrant search and arrested a suspect for the recent theft of a bicycle from Biola University. The suspect is believed to be connected to several bicycle thefts in the area.
  • Six suspects were arrested throughout La Mirada for various warrants and narcotics violations.
  • A daytime robbery was reported on the 14900 block of Firestone Blvd. A generator was stolen by force and the suspect fled out of view in a vehicle. No injuries were reported during the incident.
Aggravated Assault
  • A suspect was found lying on the ground on the 15800 block of Imperial Hwy. Witness reported a dark SUV fleeing the area shortly after discovering the victim. The exact details are yet to be determined. The victim was treated for his injuries.
Residential Burglary
  • A daytime window smash burglary was reported on the 14600 Jalon Rd. No items were stolen during the incident.
  • An IPad and cash were reported stolen on the 15100 block of Sarco Dr.
Other Structure Burglary
  • Two storage units were broken into on the 15000 block of Alondra Blvd.
  • An office was ransacked during a daytime burglary on the 14700 block of Beach Blvd.
Vehicle Burglary
  • Three daytime window smash burglaries were reported on the 14300 block of Firestone Blvd.
  • A daytime window smash burglary was reported on the 12300 block of La Mirada Blvd.
Grand Theft
  • A package was found open and its contents stolen on the 12600 block of Biola Ave.
Grand Theft Vehicle
  • A sedan was reported stolen on the 14900 block of Gagely Ave.




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