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Publish a Name Change

Name change:

You need the name of a newspaper to publish your request in:

The court requires you to publish your request in the notices section of a newspaper. You need the name of the newspaper where you plan to publish to complete these forms.

La Mirada Lamplighter is a legally adjudicated newspaper and can publish your name change, we are on the approved list you can obtain at the court.

We charge $199 total, the notice must run four times.
You will need to fill out these forms:

  • Petition for Change of Name (form NC-100)
  • Attachment to Petition for Change of Name (form NC-110) (and attach it to the NC-100)
  • Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (form NC-120)
  • Civil Case Cover Sheet (form CM-010) (some courts do not require this form)
  • Decree Changing Name Form (form NC-130) (fill out the boxes at the top and Item 3)

You will need to pay a fee when you file the forms ($435 – $450).
If you can’t afford the fee, fill out another form to ask for a fee waiver.

The notice must run four times, after the four weeks are over we will mail you a sworn, signed affidavit which you take to the court to file.


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