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Publish a Fictitious Business Name

We can publish your Fictitious Business Name/DBA


There are two ways you can file, either way you must publish in a newspaper listed on the LA County newspapers of general circulation.

Click on image to view larger document.

Quick and easy! You can do everything in the mail and online.

Use LA County’s online system and email the form to us, click here to use their online system.

  1. Click on mail-in
  2. Click on Fictitious Business Name Statement Original
  3. Search for your name.

You then go through steps to complete the form. You can download the form, mail it to the courthouse and receive the notice; OR go into the courthouse and file.

Norwalk Courthouse directions click here.

When you get your filed form,  take a picture of your form (make sure it’s clear!) and email the first page  to [email protected]

The notice must run for four weesk, when completed we will mail you the notice with an affidavit that you can upload for filing.

The cost is $69.

Any questions please call us at 562.407.3873

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