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La Mirada Heat Enter Playoffs on High Note









The La Mirada Heat of the La Mirada Girls Softball Association is entering the 2012 playoffs on a high note. The Heat have played very well all season, and turned it on twords the end. With only two losses, the team is going to be counting on players who contributed all season. Those players include : pitching by Brooklyn Carreon, solid defense from Laura Valdivia and stand out 1st base Rylee Dally.

The offense struggled at the beginning of the year but recent extra practice has brought the HEAT into talks of a deep playoff run. The spark on offense led by Jaiden Lopez and Taylar Lannon has ignited HEAT into a “raging fire”. The coaches are all very proud of the work and progress the team has showed and regardless of the outcome of the 2012 season, will always remember the fun and great times they had with HEAT.

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