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12u Red Lightning Travel to UCLA











LMGSA 12u Team Red Lightning has had an extremely fun season not only playing ball but watching it too. The team travelled to a UCLA softball game where they were inspired to be the best softball players they can be.

The team has persevered to win many games and to never give up trying.

These girls have skills but they also play with their heart. First year player Kiki Hartley is a “doubles machine” and has stolen home in many games.

Short stop Hannah Hickman has hit 3 home runs this season along with a pre-season homer as well.

Our relentless pitcher Alexis Bonilla never fails to come through striking out countless players.

We may not be the #1 team but watch out because you’ll never know when Lightning will strike a game and paint it Red!

A special cheer to the entire team of ten unique and fabulous girls whom all possess a passion for this awesome game. Way to go Ladies!

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