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Team Explosion in First Place Heading for the Playoffs








“Once upon a time”… this is how most fairy tales begin, and usually have a happy ending. Though this not a fairy tale, looking back it will someday be one.

Early in February of this year a group of 12 girls, ages 6-9 were brought together to form one of the 8U teams called Team Explosion, of the La Mirada Girls Softball Association.

During the first practices for the team, many who observed the skill level of the girls did not hesitate to predict them a one win team. Phil, the manager of the team, explained to the girls and their parents that it was his intention to keep things simple, and play basic softball. This coming from a person whose experience was limited to watching his two girls play the game, and College Women’s Softball.

After the first two weeks of softball, Team Explosion played their first practice games. The purpose of the games was to evaluate the girls in real game situations and place them in the most advantageous positions on the field and to develop a stable and strong offensive lineup to score runs.  They lost both, with mistakes on defense and a lackluster offense. They managed to score a total of four runs for both games. However, they showed promise as they battled to the last out. Something that would become their trademark, and be repeated several times over.

Fast-forward to today, Team Explosion won their first game, and then won seven more with only two losses and one tie and sit atop the standings in first place. With one game remaining on the schedule before the playoffs the team has a good chance of staying in first place and qualifying for a bye in the first round. With a “never give up” attitude, each girl in some form or fashion has contributed to the wins, all Team wins.

The ending for this season is yet to be written, but like the fairy tales maybe it will be a happy one.

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