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La Mirada Needs More Shopping Choices

Dear Editor:

Our family has lived in La Mirada and watched it grow for the past 44 years.
In all that time, the only money we’ve spent within the city limits has been basically limited to groceries, gasoline, hair care, smog checks and an occasional meal. Why?
There is neither an uptown nor a downtown and the roster of big name retailers could fit on the back of a single, standard-size business card.
Like so many other La Mirada residents, we end up doing most of our large ticket purchasing in Whittier, La Habra, Cerritos, Brea and elsewhere.
Automobile dealerships, clothing stores, significant variety stores, department stores, etc. are located in the communities that surround us, but they are not to be found in the community we love.
We read about La Mirada needing more income. We also read that the average age of a La Mirada resident is in the mid thirties. Those folks are going to be around for awhile and they’ll need goods and services for a number of years.
Perhaps it’s time a number of the vacant areas around town become decorated with tax-paying commerce, rather than crumbling asphalt and dry weeds.

Jim Roberts
La Mirada

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