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LM Chamber Bully Tactics

Dear Editor:

I started my business here in La Mirada in 2003. I joined the Chamber of commerce shortly thereafter to support the community.  The downturn in the economy curtailed my ability to continue that support and 2 years ago I did not renew my membership.
Demian Ross contacted me and explained that the membership contract demanded a 90 day notice before withdrawing and threatened a small claims action against my company.
My joining of this chamber predated Mr. Ross’s tenure and in response I asked for a copy of the supposed contract that he claimed I was bound by.
A no quit contract seems to be the vehicle Mr. Ross uses to maintain membership and by association must be endorsed by chamber leadership.
Any fool who would submit themselves to a no quit contract must evaluate their customers as equal fools.  I view a chamber membership as an incentive to shop elsewhere.

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