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La Mirada Crime Summary July 9, 2012 – July 15, 2012


Other Structure Burglary  

Three burglaries were reported last week.A burglary to a business was reported on the 15700 block of Imperial Hwy. No items were stolen from the location. A burglary to a gym locker was reported on the 13300 block of Beach Blvd. A purse containing various items was stolen. A bicycle was reported stolen from an unlocked garage on the 15400 block of Oakbury Dr.

Vehicle Burglary 

Two vehicle burglaries and one attempted burglary were reported last week.   A window smash burglary was reported on the 14900 block of Imperial Hwy. Various items were stolen from the vehicle. A car stereo and various vehicle parts were stolen in a burglary on the 14900 block of Gagely Dr.

An attempted burglary was reported on the 13800 block of La Mirada Blvd.


Grand Theft

A grand theft was reported on the 13100 block of Ocaso Ave. The incident is currently under investigation.


Grand Theft Vehicle   

Four grand grand theft vehicles were reported last week.


A motorcycle was reported stolen from a residence on the 12600 block of Tanfield Dr.

A vehicle was stolen on the 12300 block of La Mirada Blvd.

A vehicle was reported stolen on the 13400 block of Marlette Dr.

And a vehicle was stolen from the 15000 block of Imperial Hwy.

Essential Strategies for Your Personal Safety (Part 1 of 4)    


Residential Burglary

Residential burglary is one of the most predominant forms of property crime. La Mirada, along with other cities in the region, is experiencing an increase in residential burglaries over the last several years. Here are some strategies you should use to prevent becoming a victim of a residential burglary.


Keep your doors and windows closed and locked

Most residential burglaries in La Mirada are directly attributed to residents leaving doors or windows open or unlocked. This is practically an invitation for thieves.

Often, a burglar breaks in at the side garage door behind the gate. Such doors are frequently unlocked, and usually not very strong. Another common point of entry is unlocked rear bedroom or bathroom windows. If the windows are locked, many burglars carry tools and will pry open sliding windows or even large sliding doors. Consider using some type of pin locking device that prevents the burglar from removing the sliding door or window from its track.


Primary Target: The Master Bedroom

Once inside, almost all burglars go straight to the master bedroom. They know that many residents keep large amounts of cash in their homes, and that they are likely to find jewelry or cash on or in bedroom dressers. These items are easily concealed and yield more of a profit for thieves. Along with jewelry and cash, laptops, cameras, cell phones and credit cards are a common loss. Engrave a personal identification number on electronic items and other valuables if possible to assist law enforcement in the recovery of your personal items.


Install an alarm system

Installing an alarm system in your home is a wise investment. If there is any indication that your home contains a dog or an alarm system, a burglar will almost always bypass it and look for another. Most systems emit a high-pitched tone that can be heard as soon as a contact on a door or window is broken, or a motion detector picks up movement inside the home.


Be aware of “casing”

Be aware of a common method of reconnaissance, or “casing,” used by burglars. Lengthy door knocking and doorbell ringing are utilized in an attempt to determine if anyone is home. This method has been used on several occasions and is known to precede a burglary – particularly among elderly residents. When the door is answered by a resident, the suspect will claim to be lost, solicit some type of service or product, or ask for someone that does not live there. If this happens to you, call the La Mirada Sheriff’s Station to report a suspicious person. All solicitors are required to have a permit issued by the City of La Mirada.

“Avoid the old strategy of ignoring door knocking,” advises Lt. Pat Valdez. “Burglars are more likely to break into homes if they suspect nobody is home.” Instead, shout to them that you are not interested – if they don’t leave immediately, tell them you are calling La Mirada Public Safety. If you observe a person going door-to-door or loitering in your neighborhood, call the La Mirada Sheriff’s Station immediately at (562) 902-2960.


When you are on vacation

If you are going to leave on vacation and plan to leave your home unattended, visit or call the Community Sheriff’s Station and sign up for a Vacation Security Check. Simply provide your emergency contact information and a description of your home, including any vehicles that will be left in your driveway. The La Mirada Public Safety Team will routinely patrol by your home to ensure its safety.

Check out next week’s E-Watch for Part 2 of Essential Strategies: Auto Theft.

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