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Community: Goodwill Fundraiser benefitting the Norwalk Sheriff’s Volunteers, Saturday, Aug 4th 10am-4pm at La Mirada City Hall.

The Norwalk Sheriff’s Station Volunteers are hosting a “Goodwill Donation Fundraiser” at the La Mirada City Hall on Saturday, August 4th from 10am – 4pm.

The volunteers have partnered with Goodwill Industries International to collect items for their centers. Your donations will also help raise funds for equipment and training for the volunteers on patrol. Norwalk Station currently has 50 volunteers on patrol that donate their time to patrol the areas of La Mirada, Norwalk and Whittier.

The volunteers consist of local residences that wish to give back to the community by patrolling our streets and working in the stations or courthouse. They are also called upon to assist at various emergencies such as traffic accident and searching for missing children and adults. They also assist in major emergencies throughout the County of Los Angeles.

This is a great time to clean out your garage, bedroom, shed, or other areas of the house or business and donate those items to the Norwalk Sheriff’s Volunteer Program. Your donation will help to keep the program going strong and help to protect the volunteers patrolling our streets.

Two large Goodwill trucks will be parked in the north parking lot of city hall with several volunteers to direct traffic for easy in and out access. There will be plenty of volunteers to assist you with unloading your vehicle.

Please contact your local Goodwill for a list of items that are accepted. Receipts will be given upon request.

Please help support the Norwalk Sheriff’s Volunteer Program and your local community by donating your unwanted items to the Goodwill Industries

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