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Resident John Warren Recognized for Service to Volunteers on Patrol


By Tony Aiello
[email protected]

At last week’s meeting, the city council recognized Sheriff’s Department volunteer John Warren for his dedicated service to the community and presented him with a recognition plaque.
Warren is part of the Volunteers on Patrol (VOP) team at the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station and was recently selected as the Sheriff’s Region 3 Volunteer of the Year.


Sheriff Volunteer John Warren [center] holds his plaque as he is surrounded by his fellow VOP members. With Warren is La Mirada Mayor Gabe Garcia, Norwalk Sheriff’s Station Captain Pat Maxwell [back row center], and La Mirada Lieutenant Pat Valdez [left of Capt. Maxwell]. Warren has logged over two thousand hours in three years part of the Volunteers on Patrol (VOP) team at the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station and was recently selected as the Sheriff’s Region 3 Volunteer of the Year.

The VOPS serve as a valuable resource to La Mirada’s Public Safety Team, acting as the eyes and the ears of the Sheriff’s Department. They identify suspicious activities, report crimes in progress, and identify dangerous situations.
John joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating high school at a time when the nation was embroiled in the Vietnam War.
After his time in the military he completed the Police Academy; however he then enjoyed a 32 year career with Unified Grocers.
John volunteered for the Red Cross for about 15 years. He was a CPR and Advanced First Aid Instructor, coordinating a Red Cross first aid team.
John joined the Norwalk VOP team about three years ago and has logged 2,248 hours through June 2012. He works close to 40 hours a week patrolling La Mirada, Norwalk, and the Unincorporated County area.
Also, he currently serves as a Volunteer Training officer for VOP and has trained more than 25 volunteers. He also sits on the Norwalk Station Volunteer Board of Directors and has implemented programs with tools to aid volunteers in scheduling and tracking their time.
John and his wife Debbie live in Whittier, they have one son and two granddaughters.
Overview of VOPS
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Civilian Volunteers are dedicated to providing excellent service through relationships that build trust, create a safe environment, and enhance the quality of life in our communities within a “Tradition of Service”.
VOP Program Principles:
To be proud representatives of the community by being highly visible while on patrol. The primary objectives for the members shall be to prevent crime by mere presence, or identify public hazards. Members shall also act as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Department by identifying suspicious activities, crimes in progress, or dangerous circumstances. The members shall not take action themselves, but shall notify the proper authorities for handling.
The Volunteers On Patrol members accept their mission to serve the community with the enduring belief that in so doing, they will maintain the high level of safety, quality of life, and the beauty of the community that everyone is entitled.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department views this as a means to assist those that reside in Los Angeles County by providing a service to their community.
Because the members of the Volunteer Program become additional eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Department, as well as representatives of City and County administration, it is imperative that they maintain an image of professionalism at all times which parallels the professionalism of the Department. Volunteers appearance, demeanor, and professionalism must never be compromised while serving in this Program. Each volunteer has been hand picked with the highest confidence in their capabilities.
Volunteer members are, in fact, Sheriff’s Department Civilian Volunteers. Therefore, the existing Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Civilian Volunteer Regulations and Guidelines shall be followed. Volunteers shall be aware that it is a privilege to be a civilian volunteer, not a right, and they serve at the discretion of the Sheriff.

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