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Rocha Sent to Prison for Hit and Run Death of Quintinilla

By Randy Economy

La Mirada resident Geoffrey Matthew Rocha has been sentenced to seven years in California State Prison for the death of fellow La Mirada resident Ray Quintanilla, 72, from a hit and run accident in 2011 that left an entire community in shock.
Quintanilla, a well loved and popular long time resident of La Mirada, was struck by a vehicle driven by Rocha at around 4:30 am, on September 20, 2011 near Santa Gertrudes Avenue and Lawnhill Drive.
At the time of the incident, Norwalk Sheriffs Watch Commander James Franck told Hews Media Group that the vehicle Rocha was driving in the incident was located a few blocks away from the scene.
On Tuesday, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Marlon Duke Powers announced that Rocha was sentenced by Norwalk Superior Court Commissioner Michael Schurr to state prison.
Powers said the sentence, which included an order to make restitution, was imposed after a statement from the victim’s widow was read to the court.
Rocha pleaded no contest on July 26 to vehicular manslaughter and admitted the allegation of fleeing the scene on that early pre dawn summer morning.
Quintanilla was taking his daily morning walk when he was struck down by Rocha.
Officials on Wednesday told Hews Media Group that the impact was so great; that Quintanilla’s arm was severed and carried away by the car Rocha was driving. The arm was found about a mile from where Quintanilla was struck.
Rocha later surrendered to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in Norwalk. He remained in custody since his arrest.
At the time of the crash, Franck said “the driver isn’t going to get far away, we have the vehicle involved.”
Rocha, of La Mirada, pleaded no contest last month on July 26 in court to vehicular manslaughter and admitted the allegation of fleeing the scene of traffic death.

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