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VIDEO: Sheriff Lee Baca Responds to Jail Commission about LA County Jails

By Randy Economy
Members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have released a full video of the Press Conference held in Men’s Central Jail on Wednesday of Sheriff Lee Baca responds to the Commission on Jail Violence Report regarding the Los Angeles County Jail System.

In his remarks, Baca said that “I agree with every Jail Commission recommendation. I wanted the Jail Commission as much as the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors did.”

Other notable comments included:

“When I read the recommendations, I couldn’t have written them better myself.”

“Deputies dialogue with inmates reduces tension and reduces violence that requires the use of force”

“Use of force has reduced 53% in the jails in one year, to the lowest force of large jails in U.S.”

“The relationship between an inmate and deputy should always be respectful.”

“Jail captains have held a series of Town Hall Meetings with over 53,000 inmates to hear directly from them.”

“Education Based Incarceration – Education is a better option than incarceration”

Sheriff Lee Baca addresses members of the media and inmates.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca addresses members of the media and inmates this past Wednesday..

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