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Los Cerritos Community Newspaper endorses the following candidates, propositions and measures in the November 6 General Election. Regardless who you support, the most important thing is that you express your American right and Vote.

President and Vice President of the United States: Re Elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden

US Senator: Re Elect Dianne Feinstein

Los Angeles County District Attorney: Elect Jackie Lacey

US Congress, 38th District: Re Elect Rep. Linda T. Sanchez

State Assembly, 57th District: Ian Calderon

State Assembly, 58th District: Patricia Kotze-Ramos

State Assembly, 63rd District: Anthony Rendon

Proposition 30: YES
Proposition 32: NO
Proposition 37: YES
Proposition 38: YES

Taxpayers of LA County don’t need another half cent sales tax tacked on them for the next 30 years in the name of so-called “transportation improvements.”

The Los Angeles County Assessor should remain an elected position. Having politicians involved in any future selection process of a position so important to every resident is totally unacceptable.

Los Angeles County government officials has no business in policing adult film performers to see if they are wearing condoms, plain and simple.


Area 1: Robert “Bob” Arthur
Arthur deserves another term on the Cerritos College Board of Trustees, but we urge Arthur to focus on the needs of struggling students who are in cannot get the classes they need in a reasonable time frame

Area 2: Carmen Avalos
Carmen Avalos is a former Trustee, and her election will ensure a strong voice of change that is deeply needed.

Area 3: Jeanne Mc Hatton
LCCN endorses McHatton in a very close race. We are equally impressed with the leadership her opponent Bellflower educator John Paul Dryer who would bring a lot to the Board of Trustees if elected. The voters can’t lose with either one of these two candidates.

Area 4: Marisa K. Perez
Voters need to elect Perez for Cerritos College Board of Trustee. She is well rounded and has worked in the President-Superintendent’s office at Long Beach City College, was an associate director of Domestic Policy in the White House and served three years at the Office of Budgeting and Planning in the State of Texas. She will be a huge voice for the community of Hawaiian Gardens and East Lakewood.

Area 6: Dr. Sandra Salazar
Dr. Sandra Salazar will have the courage to end the abuse created by current and former Cerritos College Trustees who have cashed in on taxpayer funded medical insurance policies for cash in their pockets. Salazar will be a strong advocate for Norwalk and Cerritos residents. We urge her support and election.

NO on CERRITOS COLLEGE MEASURE G: Cerritos College Job Training and College Transfer Measure. This measure is ill advised and will add more than $350,000,000.00 in bond obligations to local taxpayers for the next generation to pay off. Cerritos College taxpayers still owe money from the last bond measure just a few years back.

YES on LA MIRADA MEASURE I: The Voters of La Mirada are urged to support Measure I. The City Council unanimously declared a Fiscal Emergency in February due to declining revenues and the elimination of Redevelopment Agencies. This will raise the local sales tax by one percent. La Mirada is a great community and it needs to attract more high-end businesses in the future to expand its sagging revenue stream.

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