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La Mirada Crime Summary for October 22 through October 28

The following crime information has been provided to the Lamplighter from the City of La Mirada detailing incidents that took place during the week of October 22 to October 28.

An attempted robbery was reported near the intersection of Ocaso Ave. and Olive Branch Dr. The incident is under investigation.

Residential Burglary
Two residential burglaries were reported last week.
An incident was reported on the 16000 block of Crestline Dr. Various electronics were stolen from the home.
A burglary occurred on the 16100 block of Grayville Dr. Electronics and other items were stolen from the residence.

Vehicle Burglary
A window smash vehicle burglary was reported on the 14300 block of Stage Rd. Welding equipment was taken in the theft.
Various tools and other items were stolen from a vehicle on the 14000 block of Estero Rd.

Grand Theft
Three grand thefts were reported last week.
Copper pipe was reported stolen on the 15000 block of Northam St.
A theft reported on the 15800 block of Las Palmeras Ave. is currently under investigation.
A catalytic converter was reported stolen from a vehicle on the 14100 block of Adoree St.

Are You Ready For an Earthquake?
Earthquakes are an unavoidable part of life here in Southern California. Here are some tips to keep your family safe in the event of the big one:

Create a Disaster Plan
Designate a safe place in every room under a sturdy table or desk or against an inside wall where nothing can fall on you.
Know the location of utility shutoffs including the gas, water, and electricity – and know how and when to shut them off.
Have emergency phone numbers readily accessible. Keep out-of-state contacts informed of your efforts.
Keep copies of essential documents such as identification, insurance policies, and financial records in a secure container.

Prepare a Disaster Supplies Kit
Personal disaster supplies kits may include:
First aid kit and essential generic and prescription medications.
Bottled water and snack foods.
Battery-powered radio, flashlight, whistle and extra batteries.
Emergency phone lists.
Copies of personal identification.

Identify Potential Hazards in Your Home
Secure large appliances and furniture to walls and properly brace water heaters and refrigerators using widely available bracing kits. Gas appliances should have flexible correctors to reduce the risk of fires. Hanging and other breakable objects should be secured with clear ‘earthquake’ gel or appliance putty.

For more information on how you and your family can prepare for earthquakes or other disasters, contact the La Mirada Public Safety team at (562) 902-2960 or visit www.cityoflamirada.org.

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