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Rep. Linda Sanchez calls Sandy Hook shootings a “horrendous act”

English: Linda Sanchez (D-CA), Member of the U...

By Randy Economy

United States Representative Linda T. Sanchez who represents La Mirada, Cerritos, Norwalk, Artesia and Southeast Los Angeles County in Congress issued the following statement regarding the mass killings  at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“Like millions of Americans, I was deeply saddened by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” she said.

“As the parent of a small child, I cannot imagine why anyone would carry out this horrendous act against teachers and innocent children.  My heart breaks for these students, teachers and the families affected by this unspeakable shooting,” Sanchez reacted.

“As a nation, we are due for an honest conversation on sensible gun safety laws so that we can prevent a tragedy like this from happening again,” she concluded.

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