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La Mirada Moves Ahead with Capital Improvement Projects

La Mirada has received competitive bids for a number of infrastructure improvement projects set to be under construction by spring.

Much of this year’s Capital Projects Budget is dedicated to addressing items in a recent engineer’s report, which identified more than $67 million in needs for streets, sewers, storm drains, traffic signals, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, bridges, and access ramps.
Resurfacing work has been completed on Knott Avenue as a joint project with the City of Buena Park. Knott Avenue was among the streets identified as in need of maintenance in the engineer’s report.

Planning, engineering and property acquisition efforts will continue throughout the year on the I-5 Freeway improvement project, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2014. In preparation for the freeway work, a number of roadway improvements are being completed in the area near the freeway.

Street repairs will begin soon for portions of Alondra Boulevard, Stage Road, Trojan Way, and South Firestone Boulevard. This work is being completed with Measure R funds.

Major sidewalk improvements planned for Santa Gertrudes Avenue from Lemon Drive to Rosecrans Avenue are scheduled to begin in February and be completed in April. Work includes a new meandering sidewalk, curb and gutter repairs, new curb access ramps, street tree removal, landscaping treatments, and an automatic irrigation system.

Street repairs to 42 neighborhood streets throughout La Mirada are scheduled to begin in February and be completed by July. These streets have been rated as being in the greatest need, according to engineering reports. The work will include street rehabilitation, curb, gutter, and sidewalk repairs, and storm drain improvements. The work was engineered by three engineering firms as separate projects to expedite the improvements.

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