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Traffic Safety Improvements Planned Near Gardenhill Elementary School

The La Mirada City Council has approved plans to enhance signage and crosswalk markings near Gardenhill Elementary School.  The new signage and pavement markings will immediately improve public safety by increasing driver awareness in areas where children and their parents walk to school.

The enhancements will include updating all school warning signs in the immediate area to meet current traffic standard guidelines, modifying four marked school crosswalks to Уladder-typeФ crosswalks for increased visibility, and adding physical and painted stop signs at three T-Intersections to assert pedestrian right-of-way.

The City’s Traffic Engineer studied the area in response to increased traffic volume on neighborhood streets near the school.  Engineers identified specific areas that would benefit from enhanced signage and markings on Gardenhill Drive, Heflin Drive, Valeda Drive, Crete Drive and Foster Road.

 The four school crosswalks to be modified to Уladder-typeФ crosswalks are Gardenhill Drive at Heflin Drive, Valeda Drive at Burgess Avenue, Valeda Drive at Crete Drive, and Foster Road at Crete Drive.

 Physical and painted stop signs will be added to three street intersections at Ragan Drive at Heflin Drive, Edderton Avenue at Valeda Drive, and Burgess Avenue at Valdera Drive.  The new stop signs will have orange flags above them for 30 days to heighten motorists’ awareness.

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