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La Mirada Begins Receiving Measure I Funds for Infrastructure Repairs



By Randy Economy


The City of La Mirada has begun receiving funds generated by Measure I, a one percent transactions and use tax approved by 66.63 percent of La Mirada residents voting in November 2012.

A total of $910,083 was received by the City in two “estimated” payments from the State Board of Equalization.  The first payment, which covered the month of April 2013, was $457,783.  A second payment for May 2013 totaled $457,300.  The amounts are subject to later adjustment by the State.  If revenues continue to be received at this level, Measure I could generate more than the $4 million to $5 million originally projected during the current fiscal year.

Measure I was estimated to generate a total of some $20-$25 million in new revenues for infrastructure repairs over its five year span. The tax became effective in April 2013.

The measure was approved by La Mirada voters after being placed on the ballot by the City Council at the recommendation of a 29-member Citizens Task Force on City Finances and Operations.  The Task Force indicated the measure was necessary due to the cumulative impacts of the national recession, ongoing “takes” of local revenues by the State, and the elimination of redevelopment agencies in California.

“Measure I spending will be focused on repairing streets, storm drains and other infrastructure as recommended by the Citizens Task Force,” says City Manager Tom Robinson. “A professional engineering review of La Mirada’s infrastructure has identified more than $67 million in local infrastructure needs.”

In addition to Measure I funds, the City is also currently directing millions of dollars from other funding sources towards the infrastructure repairs.Measure I funds will receive annual independent audits.  A Citizens’ Oversight Board has been appointed to monitor how tax revenues are spent.

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