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Sculpture Stolen in Cerritos


HMG-CN Staff Report




In what is becoming a common occurrence, yet another bronze sculpture set was stolen in the city of Cerritos.

The structure called “Dancer”was stolen from in front of the mattress Gallery on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Cerritos-Artesia and Bloomfield-sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Police investigators were at the scene taking pictures when they were spotted by Hews Media Group-Community News Publisher Brian Hews.

Hews inquired as to why they were there and the officers told him that the head of the structure and also the letters City of Cerritos were stolen.

City workers tell HMG-CN that the city’s insurance agency has visited the site to take estimates and city crews were there Saturday afternoon to place a tarp over the structure.

This is another of many incidents where sculptures have been stolen in Cerritos, the “Children” on South and Carmenita were recently removed when one sculpture was stolen and others in the city have been damaged from attempted thefts.



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