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Arts Colony of La Mirada Celebrating 50 Years

The Arts Colony of La Mirada will be celebrating 50 years as an arts supporting community group at a commemorative dinner on September 9. The early years will be discussed including the very memorable Fiesta de Artes. Paintings from that event continue to hang in the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. The Arts Colony holds public monthly meetings at the La Mirada Resource Center in the civic complex off La Mirada Blvd.

This Colony welcomes inquiries concerning the dinner or general information on our regular meetings. Previous members are encouraged to attend and relay anecdotes of their experience with this arts group. Walter Shannon, of Whittier, continuing as an active artist and Colony Historian is a very early member. Being an artist is not a requirement for membership, but all involved appreciate the arts. Call 562-941-4116, 562-245-7940 or 714-522-8157 for information. Our website is www.acolm.com.

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