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La Mirada High Speed Chase Ends at Imperial and Meyer Rd.

From La Mirada Blog

A Los Angeles County Sheriff‘s deputy was temporarily trapped in his patrol car after a high speed chase ended at Imperial Highway and Meyer Road, along the border of La Mirada and unincorporated South Whittier.

The deputy was freed and is reported in stable condition.

On the La Mirada Blog Twitter feed, the incident was originally reported at 8:39 a.m. by @usc_mahboy.

The suspect driving the car that was being chased jumped out of his car after the crash and ran. He broke into a nearby apartment near Coteau Drive and Leffingwell Road by smashing a window.

The suspect was tracked down and arrested a short time later.

Also on Twitter @rubygonzales2 reported, “involved a man who originally ran from COPS deputies, ran into a house so the (sheriff) station thought they had a burglary suspect. He ran thru yards stole car keys from one house, took that car, tried to run over a deputy in the front yard.”

She continued, “He led deputies on a chase, drove on the wrong side of the street, dumped that car, ran into a complex then broke into an apartment by smashing thru a window. Resident locked self and kid in bathroom. Deputies snagged the culprit. He’s at a clinic being checked for the cuts he got breaking the apt. window. No name on him yet.”


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