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VIDEO: Rosary High School Students Injured in Stage Collapse at Servite HS

So this just happened. #stagecollapsed #RedandGold2014 pic.twitter.com/tUaEiiwGHY

So this just happened. #stagecollapsed #RedandGold2014 pic.twitter.com/tUaEiiwGHY

Twitter Photo from @rmay363

By Randy Economy

More than two dozen students from Rosary High School in Orange County were injured Saturday when a stage collapsed during a singing and dance performance was taking place at Servite High School.

About 200 students, mostly girls, were performing to a Beyonce song when the stage collapsed, and the horrific incident was caught on camera via cell phones taken by stunned on lookers.

The students were taken to the gymnasium where they met their parents and emergency officials checked them for injuries.

Officials said about 25 students suffered minor to moderate injuries and were taken to local hospitals. No one was trapped and everyone was accounted for, police said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the students and their families,” according to a statement from the Rosary High School and Servite High School.

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