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Firestone Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project at the San Gabriel River

Construction starts April 14 

HMG-CN News Service

The bridge project will involve the replacement of the existing Firestone Boulevard Bridge in its entirety with a new bridge which meets current standards, with wider sidewalks, center median and shoulders.  

The same number of travel lanes (six) will be provided.  

The City of Norwalk is the lead agency on the project.  On March 4, 2014, the City of Norwalk City Council awarded a contract to Reyes Construction of Pomona in the amount of $7,586,493 for the construction of the bridge.  

Based on the bid received from Reyes Construction, the total estimated cost of the project, including construction engineering, contract administration and contingency, is approximately $9.5 million.  

The project will be funded through a federal grant, which will fund 88.53% of the project cost and a Proposition C discretionary grant received through the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which will fund the remaining 11.47% of the project cost.  

Construction is scheduled to commence in April 2014 and be completed by December 2015.  

The project will be constructed in multiple stages.  A description of each stage and estimated duration is below.

 •Preparation/mobilization: Est. duration: March-April 2014 (1.5 mos.);

 • Stage 0: Underground utilities and new pier walls will be constructed underneath the existing bridge within the San Gabriel River.  Est. duration: April-June 2014 (2 mos.);

 •Stage 1: The north (westbound) side of the existing bridge will be demolished and reconstructed.  The south (eastbound) side of the bridge will remain open.  The work within the river will continue for the duration of this stage.  Please be advised that Firestone Boulevard will be reduced to one lane in each direction over the bridge during this stage.  Est. duration: June-August 2014 (2.5 mos.);

 •Stage 2: The south (eastbound) side of the existing bridge will be demolished and reconstructed.  Traffic will then be switched over to the north (westbound) side of the bridge.  Four travel lanes (two per direction) will be open during this stage.  The work within the river will also continue during this stage through mid-December 2014.  Est. duration: Sept-Dec 2014 (4.5 mos.);


Stage 3: Construction of raised center island median over the bridge, as well as  landscaping, lighting and fencing.  Four travel lanes over the bridge will be provided during this stage.  Est. duration: December 2014 – March 2015 (3 mos.); and


•Pier wall removal and demobilization: The existing pier walls under the existing bridge will be removed, followed by the demobilization of the contractor and final close-out of the project.  Six travel lanes will then be opened over the bridge.  Est. duration: March- June 2015 (3.5 mos.).


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