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Senate Candidate Mario A. Guerra Calls for a Comprehensive Plan to Solve the Drought Crisis

Senate candidate Mario Guerra

Downey – March 19 – Today, former mayor, current Councilman from Downey and President of Independent Cities Association, Mario A. Guerra, joined with members of Congress, representatives from the greater Los Angeles area and almost 1,000 Central Valley residents to call for a comprehensive plan that would ensure the continued and uninterrupted delivery of water. 

 “If north and south, farms and cities, can come together on this issue, why can’t Congress?” said Mario Guerra, City Councilman of Downey and President of the Independent Cities Association.

“Congress needs to know that the people of the greater Los Angeles area are united with California farmers on this critical issue,” he said. “Cities are very concerned about what happens in the Central Valley, which is our food source and the lifeblood of California’s economy. Unlike Las Vegas, what happens here doesn’t stay here – it will spread to the rest of the state in the form of higher food prices and lost jobs in urban communities and already has with water usage restrictions sprouting-up across the Southland. Water has also been crucial to the growth and prosperity of our great state as well as our economy throughout its history.”

Guerra praised Congress for holding the Fresno hearing, which he said he hoped would result in a commitment to set politics aside in favor of a compromise solution.

“All Californians expect and deserve something as basic as a safe, affordable and reliable water supply,” he said. “Enough is enough. We are all Californians and government shouldn’t sacrifice one group for another,” said Guerra. “The Governor needs to lead us out of this drought by actively working with state and federal lawmakers to craft a comprehensive solution that works for cities and farms in the long term.”


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