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Divisive  former Faculty Senate President Bob Chester tops teacher  salary figures earning $183,000 for working 11 months out of the year.

 By Randy Economy and Brian Hews


Cerritos College President Linda Lacy earns nearly $300,000 as President of the College.

Cerritos College President Linda Lacy earns nearly $300,000 annually.


Taxpayers in the Cerritos Community College District are paying Superintendent Linda Lacy almost $300,000 annually in salary, benefits, car expenses, including a $39,900 annual pension contribution, according to documents obtained via a public records request by Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper.

HMG-CN posted the earning reports of hundreds of employees at the Norwalk-based community college this week after officials handed over the documents via a Freedom of Information Act Request.

Records also show that controversial instructor Robert “Bob” Chester, who recently resigned as President of the Cerritos College Faculty Association amid allegations that he engaged in an illicit sexual affair with at least one fellow female student, was the highest paid instructor at the campus earning $189,000 in salary and incentives in 2013.

Lacy earned a base salary of $226,600.  But her overall salary and benefits package swelled to $289,649.60 in 2013 after she received “cash in lieu” payments totaling another $2,711 and $8,342 in “Employer Paid Health Benefits.”  In addition, taxpayers picked up $6,000 in car allowance fees and another $39,996 for “Pension Contributions Above Traditional Employer Paid.”

The release of the financial data by HMG-CN coincides with “Sunshine Week” that is a national initiative to “promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information” by members of the news media, civic groups, libraries, nonprofits, schools and others who are “interested in the public’s right to know.”

Parking lots at Cerritos College are nearly empty this week as students take off for traditional Spring Break activities.

The campus website currently touts an enrollment of around 6,000 full time students, and 14,000 who attend just part time.

Records also show that four Campus Vice Presidents also make more than $200,000 annually.  They include Mary Anne Gularte, VP of Human Resources who banked $208,645, followed by David Elfattal VP of Business Services/ Assistant Superintendent who took home $200,601. Records also show that Elfattal took home $14,215 in cash in lieu payments.

Stephen Johnson, the Vice President of Student Affairs earned a total salary package of $202,382.

Rounding out the top five highest paid employees at the college was Joanne Duff Schilling who took home $196,791 as Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Chester’s pay stubs indicate that he made a base salary of $166,431 as well as a getting a Health Benefit Package worth $16,427 bringing his total to $182,858 for his 11 months on the time clock.  Chester created a public flap on several occasions last year for racist remarks that led to his removal as the longtime head of the Cerritos College Faculty Senate and Coordinator of Judicial Affairs.

Cerritos College Faculty Senate President Bob Chester.  Photo from Cerritos College

Former Cerritos College Faculty Senate President Bob Chester earns nearly $183,000 per year. Photo from Cerritos College


Daniel E. Smith who is an Instructional Dean for the Health Physical Education Dance & Athletics Department was paid a base salary of $156,513 including $20,678 in employer paid health benefits and took home $175,706.

Long time Cerritos College Head Football Frank J. Mazotta was paid a total of $177,191 for only 10 months of work in 2013. Mazotta took home $17,719 per month as the Falcon’s top grid iron coach.

An Instructional Dean inside the Technology Department, Yannick M. Real, was paid $166,232 but her records indicate that she worked 12 months in 2013.

The five lowest paid instructors and personnel, according to the documents were Shannon Estrada, who is listed as a Program Assistant II who earned $67,051; David Roper an Automotive Maintenance Tech. took home $64,875; Eugenia Bradford a Student Affairs Tech made $68,440.

Paul E. Badzey who is a Student Services Assistant in the Admission and Records Department earned a base salary of $50,197 and had health benefits of $8,778 for a total of $58,975, and ranked as the 481st lowest paid faculty member was Christine Ann Arfwedson listed as a “Teacher” made $53,292.36 for 10 months of work.


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