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 Artesia City Council Enters E-Cigarette Fray

By Rico Dizon

With electronic cigarette shops and retailers fast proliferating streets and neighborhoods across Southern California, more cities in the region are quickly resorting to local laws that will regulate the sale and use of these alternative cigarette product.

Most recent to introduce a resolution that will impose a business regulatory permit requirement on the sale of e-cigarette is the City of Artesia.

As of today, there is neither a law by the State of California nor an official certification by the US Food & Drug Administration regarding e-Cigs. The popular device was originated in China in 2002 and began popping up in the US in 2006.

Regulations for the sale and use of electronic cigarette and its vapor devices have been implemented on a purely city-to-city basis.

This week, Artesia City Council members entered the e-Cigarette fray by introducing a first reading for a new ordinance that specifically deals with the issue head on.
It is expected that by the next regular meeting of the city council in May, officials will have the needed tools that will limit the areas where retailers can sell the product and what accessories like vapor bars or vapor lounges can be allowed for the customers to smoke.
Currently, there are several e-cigarette shops found mostly along the Pioneer Boulevard stretch from South St. and going towards Artesia Boulevard.
It is a general observation and concern among residents that due to the attractive colors and flavors of the electronic cigarette liquid vapors, the youth including those who are under 18 years of age are drawn to experiment with the new products.
“Artesia’s municipal law governing the sale and use of electronic cigarettes is expected to be enforced in 30 days following its second reading and final approval for adoption during the next City Council meeting on May 12, 2014,” said Pradeep Elayath, Administrative Services Manager.
Similar restrictions are being considered in area cities including Lakewood, Cerritos, Norwalk and Downey.

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