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From Downey Beat Community Wire

Suit Is Mired With Inaccuracies

 DOWNEY, California – (August 14, 2014) – The City of Downey is being sued by the Downey Firemen’s Association (“Association”) and 14 individual members of the Fire Department alleging retaliation. The City denies that the Association and its members have been subjected to unlawful retaliation and that any other rights have been violated.  


The City is disappointed that the Association and 14 individuals have filed suit, especially since the vast majority of the allegations are identical to the claims that are currently pending through the City’s grievance arbitration procedures.  


“The Association continues to use the litigation process to politicize its disagreement with former Chief Croom’s objective and candid assessment to the Council regarding the Association’s proposal to contract out fire services to the County,” stated Mayor Fernando Vasquez.  The lawsuit comes on the heels of City voters’ rejection in June of an Association proposed charter amendment which sought to eliminate the voters’ right to approve the contracting out of public safety services.  

The City looks forward to presenting its evidence before the court and expects it will prevail in this litigation.  At this point, the lawsuit is a matter for the courts and all future communication regarding the complaint will be directed through the City Attorney. 


Downey Councilmember Mario A. Guerra noted, “This is another attempt to mislead and deceive Downey residents in what has become another abuse of the legal system.  I was appalled to read the false statements against me, our council and the attempt to slander my name and character.   I look forward to Downey moving past this distraction and continuing on with our positive growth. “


The City is committed to providing all employees with a workplace that is free of retaliation and has built a reputation of being one of the best employers in Los Angeles County.

Mayor Vasquez and members of the Council are committed to ensuring that this lawsuit will not detract from the quality of service provided to City residents.  

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