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Cerritos Weekly Crime Summary Aug 4-10

There were 13 Part I felony crimes reported in Cerritos this past week, a decrease of five over the previous week. The following is a breakdown of crimes by category: one robbery; one aggravated assault; two commercial/other burglaries; one grand theft; one vehicle burglary; and six reported auto thefts. Deputies made 18 misdemeanor arrests, two warrant arrests, and issued 174 traffic citations. The Sheriff’s dispatch center also received a total of 284 calls for service which is more than this year’s weekly average of 267.


183rd Street/Shoemaker Ave. (8/8 at 10:00 p.m.): A female visitor walking at this location was approached from behind by a male brandishing a handgun and demanding her purse. The victim relinquished her purse and the suspect fled northbound out of view.

Aggravated Assault:

11800 block South St. (8/8): A 45-year-old suspect was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend during an argument.

Commercial/Other Burglary:

12600 block South St. (8/2-8/4): A suspect cut a hole in the roof of a business. The loss at the location is unknown.
11800 block Del Amo Blvd. (8/2): Suspects pried open the Emergency Exit door at a restaurant and stole $5,000.
10800 block Alondra Blvd. (8/5): A purse, cell phones, wallet and $80 were stolen from a locker at the fitness center.

Vehicle Burglary:
13800 block Acoro St. (8/2-8/3): Rear window shattered on a Ford F-150 and a backpack, sunglasses, t-shirts, and shoes were taken.

Grand Theft:

13600 block Abana Dr. (8/4-8/5): Two purses valued at $3,000 were stolen.

Grand Theft Auto:

10800 block Alondra Blvd. (8/4): Honda Accord stolen from parking lot.
12700 Towne Center Dr. (8/6): Chevy Tahoe stolen from parking lot.
13200 block 166th St. (8/6): Acura Integra stolen from parking lot.
18400 block Studebaker Rd. (8/6-8/7): Toyota Camry stolen from carport.
17200 Studebaker Rd. (8/8): Chevy Silverado stolen from parking lot.
16200 Arthur St. (8/2): Persons unknown attempted to steal freightliner/commercial vehicle from location.

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