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Deputy Brandon Love Confirmed as Lakewood Officer Attacked at Mall

By Rico Dizon

Lakewood’s Sheriff Captain Keith Swensson announced additional details about the  deputy who was brutally attacked by a 21- year- old man at the Lakewood Center Mall on Friday, August 15.

Lakewood officials have confirmed that the deputy who was attacked is Brandon Love.

Love thanked his supporters and the “good Samaritan” who helped stop the brutal assault. “Thank you all for the support and positive thoughts,” said his message posted in the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station Facebook page.

Capt. Swensson said, “I had visited the deputy several times in the hospital and the latter is in good spirit and his condition is improving every day although he has a long recovery time ahead of him.”

Swensson continued, “We are keeping his name confidential at this time. On his behalf, I would like to thank the community for the great support they are giving the injured deputy and his family through their caring thoughts and prayers.”

The incident actually started with a domestic argument between the suspect and his girlfriend that turned ugly before the person turned to the deputy and brutally assaulted him.

The deputy was knocked out, kicked in the head and back. He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed in serious but non-life threatening condition.

“Domestic disputes,” Swensson said, “is one of the most unpredictable occurrences and this kind of incident can happen anywhere. “It is rare in Lakewood and statistically, Lakewood Center is safe with relatively low crime.”

The Lakewood Sheriff’s Captain asks the public to help keep Lakewood safe by reminding them of the community motto “If you see something, say something.” If you see something, unusual that makes you worry about safety call the Sheriff’s Station 24-hour business line 562-623-3500. “If it is an emergency, always call 911.”

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