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Commerce Seniors Learn to ‘Brew’ Home Beer

Seniors in Commerce learn how to make "home made beer."  The class has become an instant popular hit.   Tammye McDuff Photo

Seniors in Commerce learn how to make “home made beer.” The class has become an instant popular hit. Tammye McDuff Photo

By Tammye McDuff

Commerce was host to Douglas Craig, Director of Sales at Beach City Brewery and writer for Beers in Paradise and BeerPaper LA, as he demonstrated the ins and outs of brewing great beer at home. “Anytime I can talk to people about craft beer is exciting,” says Craig “It doesn’t matter if it is in Los Angeles, Orange County or as Senior Citizens Center, anyone interested discussing home brewing is a conversation I want to be part of.”

The class was held Thursday, August 21, 2014 at the Senior Citizens Center with an approximate 80 participants enjoying appetizers and beer samples.  The two-hour presentation educated attendees on the basics of home brewing. Examples of the various types of hops and malts were on hand to examine as well as those mechanisms and recipes that are easily available through home brew shops. Craig states that he was very impressed by the degree of seriousness that the Commerce Library took in organizing the presentation from the wheat centerpieces to the variety of home brew books that were made accessible to the literature that was provided to each attendee.  One lucky winner received the door prize giveaway, which was a home beer start-up kit, valued at $30, provided by the City of Commerce Library.

“It is really cool to see how quickly Los Angeles and Orange County beer season has grown in the last few years,” commented Harrison McCee, one of the best brewers in Southern California according to Craig. McCee is currently an assistant brewer at two different breweries, striving to bring home craft brewing and beer to a larger scale and broader audience.

Beach Cities Brewery opened their doors May 10, 2014 in Huntington Beach and it has been steadily growing and spreading the word about the brand. “A lot of work has gone into getting our name out there and getting our brand on draft at local bars and restaurants,” notes Craig “We are slowly being able to move out of the Huntington Beach area and into the local presence here in this area.” Being immediately accepted and brought into the craft beer community, you can find the brand locally at Lock & Key Social Drinkery in Downey.

Craig had a craft beer epiphany in 2008 “Thanks to the wonderful offerings of San Diego breweries and a serendipitous lunch at Beachwood BBQ” which he says solidified his passion. Years in the food and beverage business, from the kitchen to the bar and everywhere in between, helped him discover the beer industry.

Beach City Brewery flagship drinks were created with the characteristics of Surf City in mind and seasonal flavors that reflect and represent all of Orange County.  Beach City is the first production beer in Huntington Beach.

Beers In Paradise/beersinparadise.com is a Southern California based website devoted to educating the public about better beers and better beer experiences.  The goal is to produce articles, photographs and videos on beer education, culture, events and reviews.

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