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Enterprising Executive Chef Carlos Garcia Hits Road to Change the Look of Cooks

Executive Chef Carlos Garcia shows off one of his new chef jackets  during a recent interview with Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper.

Executive Chef Carlos Garcia shows off one of his new chef jackets during a recent interview with Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper.

By Randy Economy

Executive Chef Carlos Garcia, who has carved out a master reputation as being one of the finest culinary wizards in Southern California for the last two decades, has tossed his kitchen carving knives aside for a while in order to revolutionize how professional chefs dress, look and feel, day in and day out.

Garcia who was raised in Pico Rivera, and currently living with his wife Lacey and two young children in nearby Downey have created a rolling, mobile warehouse, and design center that he hopes will revolutionize the way restaurants, hotels, and even private chefs create their own unique individual style, one chef coat and apron at a time.

Garcia has developed what many in the culinary world believe is the first mobile fleet of large converted delivery trucks into swanky, funky, consumer friendly clothing apparel stores on wheels.

"Lost Car Apparel" rolled into Cerritos last week for  a big reveal.

“Lost Car Apparel” rolled into Cerritos last week for a big reveal.

Using the name “Lost Car Chef Apparel,” the eye popping black, green and white graphically stunning wrapped trucks have already been fueling the demand for chefs who want to purchase their own tailor made coats, aprons, hats and shirts without having to leave their restaurants, hotels or their places of employment.

“We are injecting style, personality and identity into the culinary world, and we are bringing our apparel to chefs up and down California,” Garcia told Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper in a sit down interview held in the parking lot of the Cerritos-based news organization.

“Lost Car Chef Apparel is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Not only are we a full service mobile retail chef apparel shop, but we’ve managed to squeeze in custom embroidery and the very best in design and branding consultation for every chef’s specific needs,” Garcia boasted.

“Chefs are busy people, especially the very best in the industry. But, Chefs have very little time to actually spend shopping for the traditional chef ware,” Garcia said.

When entering the back door of “Lost Car Apparel,” Chef’s quickly grasp the magic of Garcia and his team of professional staff members, including his wife Lacy.

“There no longer is a long wait to personalize your brand new chef apparel,” Garcia boasts.

“Our trucks are equipped with top of the line embroidery machines,” Garcia quipped. “Lacy is a genius when it comes to designs suggestions. It has been a real blessing to have this become a family effort.”

On top of their own Lost Car Chef Apparel line, Garcia offers a variety of other favorite brands including Bragard, Chef Works, and FlexFit.

“No longer do you have to wait 4 to 6 if not 12 weeks to get your chef wear sent to you, we can now deliver literally on the spot and within an hour or two,” Garcia said.

Garcia said that he has already been approached by cable and network television programs about his new company, and soon will be embarking on a media tour to several morning news programs in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, and even Bakersfield.

“We are on the right track as a new company, and well, the road to success always begins with an idea, the passion and determination,” Garcia said.

Note: Garcia is the former Executive Chef with the Sheraton Cerritos, the 4-Diamond Rated “Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel,” The Anaheim Angels, as well as other fine dining restaurants throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County.

For additional information please call 844.695.6782 or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @lostcarchef or Facebook at facebook.com/lostcarchefapparel.

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