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La Mirada Crime Summary Oct. 20 – Oct. 26, 2014

Residents encouraged to remain vigilant
There are a variety of crimes that affect our neighborhoods every day. Although larger crimes are more easily identified, residents are reminded to be on the lookout for these smaller, but threatening crimes impacting our community and quality of life:


Scavenging or removing items from trash cans or recycling containers is strictly prohibited in La Mirada. In some cases, scavenging is the preferred method used by criminals to engage in identity theft. Violators are subject to strict fines, penalties, and possibly jail time. To report scavenging, call the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960.


It is unlawful for any person to engage in commercial solicitation activities in La Mirada without a permit. Each solicitor shall have the City’s permit identification card in possession at all times, and shall present the information upon request.

To safeguard your home and your family from unlicensed solicitors, follow these tips:

• Ask deliverymen, solicitors and strangers for their credentials, the company they are representing, a contact number, and the reason for their visit.
• If you don’t feel comfortable answering the door, don’t.
• Make your presence in the house known to visitors to deter potential burglars targeting empty homes.
• Be cautious at all times. Keep the door locked.

If you come in contact with a solicitor, contact the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960 to report any suspicious activity.


Graffiti is unsightly and may encourage further vandalism or other criminal activity. Residents and businesses can assist by reporting graffiti immediately. A $1,000 cash reward may be given for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a graffiti vandal.

The 24-hour Graffiti removal Hotline is: (562) 943-1557 or (714) 522-5858.

To report graffiti online, click here to submit a report.

To report a crime in progress, call 9-11 or the Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960. Be a good witness and gather as much information as possible, such as a description of the suspect, license plate information, and direction of travel. Never put yourself in danger by intervening with a crime in progress.

Residential Burglary
A residential burglary was reported on the 11700 block of Hollyview Dr. The loss from the location is unknown.

Vehicle Burglary
A vehicle burglary was reported on the 12000 block of Santa Gertrudes Ave.

Grand Theft
Two grand thefts were reported last week. A theft of batteries and copper cable was reported from a motor home and trailers parked on the 14900 block of Firestone Blvd. Two tablet computers were reported stolen in an incident on the 15600 block of Yellowbrook Ln.

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