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La Mirada Crime Summary Nov. 3 – Nov. 9, 2014

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Third Row Seat Theft is a Growing Trend – Don’t Become a Victim

Easily removable third row seats make Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) prime targets for thieves. SUV brands most targeted are Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC because their third row seats are interchangeable with other GM SUV’s. The third row seat is an optional feature designed to quickly and easily be removed, inadvertently making them an easy target for thieves. Once stolen, they are sold for quick cash and can cost up to $1,500 retail to replace.

The La Mirada Public Safety Team reminds SUV owners to be vigilant of third
row seat thefts and follow these tips to help prevent becoming a victim.

Third row seat cable lock

Cable locks and bike locks looped through the seat frame and floor mounts are a suggested deterrent. They are inexpensive and can be found at most bicycle and motorcycle shops.

These preventative measures can help deter thieves:
• Lock your vehicle even if left for a short time.
• Always park in well lit areas or in the garage overnight.
• Back SUVs into stalls or up against a wall to avoid access to the rear hatch.
• Secure the third row seat using locking bicycle cables.
• Etch all detachable parts of your vehicle with the VIN# to help authorities in the recovery and return of your property.
• Remove the third row seat when from the vehicle when not being used.
For more information on crime prevention tips, please call the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960.

Two robberies were reported last week.
• An incident was reported on the 12300 block of La Mirada Blvd. A male suspect attempted to attack a store employee after stealing items from the location. The incident remains under investigation.
• A robbery was reported on the 14800 block of Imperial Hwy. A male suspect brandished a knife after a store employee attempted to confront the suspect for shoplifting.
Other Structure Burglary
• A structure burglary was reported on the 14600 block of Gardenhill Dr. Copper wiring was stolen from the location.
• Copper wiring was also reported stolen in a burglary on the 13900 block of Estero Rd.
• A burglary to a garage was reported on the 13600 block of Valley View Ave.
Grand Theft Vehicle
• A semi-trailer with an empty container was reported stolen from the 14300 block of Macaw St. The vehicle remains outstanding.


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