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Burglary Suspects Arrested in La Mirada Burglary

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested multiple suspects in La Mirada for burglary on Monday evening.

On April 6, the La Mirada Public Safety Team received a call of a possible vehicle burglary in progress. When Deputies arrived, they immediately detained a male on the 15400 block of Fairhope Drive. Shortly after, two other males and a female were detained nearby.

During the investigation, six victims were located. Of the six victims, four were parked on Fairhope Drive, one was parked on Harshaw Place, and one was parked on Bluefield Avenue. Each of the suspects were in possession of property stolen from the vehicles. Deputies also recovered property from the suspects that may have been involved in other incidents. The adults were subsequently arrested and the juvenile was detained.

The arrest is a great example of residents remaining vigilant and calling the Public Safety Team when they see a possible crime in progress. To report crimes against property or a suspicious person in your neighborhood, call the La Mirada Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960. Call 911 to report an emergency or crimes against persons.

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