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Cerritos Crime Summary March 30-April 5


There were 14 Part I felony crimes reported in Cerritos this past reporting period, a decrease of six from the previous week.  The following is a breakdown of crimes by category:  one robbery, two residential burglaries, two commercial/other structure burglaries, five vehicle burglaries, one grand theft, and three auto thefts.  Cerritos Station deputies made two felony arrests, 11 misdemeanor arrests, five warrant arrests, and issued 78 citations.  The Sheriff’s dispatch center also received a total of 310 calls, an increase from the 2015 weekly average of 254.


18400 block of Bloomfield Ave (04/03 erly morning):  An unknown suspect entered the closed church through an unlocked door.  The suspect happened upon the sleeping victim who was resting in a lounge area.  The victim awoke with the suspect standing overhead.  The suspect physically assaulted the victim and stole belongings, including a set of cars key.  The suspect used the car keys to steal the victim’s vehicle, which was later recovered at a local Cerritos park.  The suspect has not been apprehended.

Residential Burglary:

17600 block of Palo Verde Ave (03/15-29 – Unknown):  The suspect(s) entered an unlocked bedroom in a home shared by many individuals.  The suspect(s) stole work equipment and electronics from the unlocked bedroom.

16300 block of Joanna Ave (Attempt, 03/28-04/01 – Unknown):  The suspect(s) removed several window screens but were unable to enter the home because the windows were locked.  The suspect(s) also tried to enter through the backyard sliding glass door.  Entry was unsuccessful because the residents secured the door by placing a broom handle in the glass door track.

Commercial/Other Structure 


12500 block of 183rd St (04/05):  The suspect(s) entered the location by removing a vent located on a locked door and stole several food items.

19900 block of Claretta Ave (04/02):  The suspect(s) entered a detached garage through a side door that had been left open and stole items from within.

Grand Theft:

18600 block of Gridley Rd (03/11):  An unknown suspect(s) used the victim’s bank account information to deposit a fictitious check into an unknown bank account.  This victim’s loss was several thousands of dollars.

Vehicle Burglary:

17100 block of Parkvalle Ave (04/05):  The suspect(s) pried the driver’s side door handle of a 1997 Honda Civic and stole sports equipment from the trunk by pulling the trunk latch located inside the vehicle.

18700 block Gridley Rd (03/30-31):  The suspect(s) were able to enter a 1996 Honda Civic and steal a backpack with several items, including the vehicle registration.  It is unclear how entry into the vehicle was made.

12700 block of Center Court Dr (04/04):  The suspect(s) pried open the rear hatch window of a 2012 Chevrolet Suburban and stole the vehicle’s 3rd row seat.

17600 block of Palo Verde Ave (04/02-03):  The suspect(s) were able to enter a 2002 Honda Accord.  It is unclear how entry was made and if anything was actually stolen.

18200 block of Dumont Ave (04/01):  The suspect(s) shattered the front passenger window of a 2008 Honda Accord and stole the victim’s purse, which had been left on the front passenger floorboard of the vehicle.

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