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New City Water Restrictions in Effect in Bellflower

By Tammye McDuff

 California’s historic drought has led to Cities taking drastic measures. In response, the City of Bellflower has passed an ordinance requiring residents and businesses to abide by the following water conservation measures. The ordinance took effect July 22, 2015.

New limits on lawn watering include up to two times per week; no watering between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily; watering within 48 hours of rainfall; you must have a drip or micro spray system for landscapes outside of the home; no hosing paved surfaces; when using a hose you must have a shut off nozzle. Violations of these new restrictions will be punishable with fines beginning at $100.

 In regards to indoor plumbing and fixtures it is the responsibility of all persons to inspect hoses, pipes, faucets
(like these), plumbing fixtures, sprinklers, and other portions of plumbing systems for leaks and repair all leaks within a reasonable time frame. Decorative fountains and aesthetic water structures cannot be cleaned filled or maintained unless through a re-circulating system.

No motor vehicle, boat, trailer, or other type of mobile equipment may be washed, except at a commercial carwash or with reclaimed water, unless such vehicle is washed by using a hand-held bucket or water-hose equipped with an automatic shutoff nozzle. No person shall leave a water hose running while washing a vehicle or at any other time.

Restaurants, hotels, cafeteria and other public places will not automatically serve drinking water to any customer unless specifically requested to do so by such customer. Hotels and motels must post signage that offers guests the option to not have their linens and towels laundered daily. This signage must be prominently displayed in each guest room.

The City Council suggests residents select water-efficient plants and irrigation systems which foster long-term water conservation while respecting the economic, environmental, and aesthetic and lifestyle choices of individuals and property owners. In addition the City has the right to adopt, by resolution, additional water conservation measures designed to reduce water consumption by reason of any emergency, shortage of water supply, or water facility damage.

Violation of any water conservation measure established pursuant to the ordinance shall be subject to a written warning for the first violation and shall be punishable pursuant to the City’s Water Code for each subsequent violation

The Director of Public Works shall periodically review the provisions of this ordinance and recommend necessary updates to the City Council. The review of these provisions and preparation of resulting recommendations, if any, shall be performed, at a minimum, every two years. To report a violation, contact Code Enforcement at (562) 804-1424 ext. 2284.


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