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Bellflower Revives Boulevard Streetscape


By Tammye McDuff

The Bellflower City Council designated a portion of Bellflower Boulevard between Flower Street on the south and the Greenway bikeway on the north as boundaries for a new streetscape project.  In an effort to maximize the benefit of the project, opportunities to visually and aesthetically enhance Bellflower Boulevard have been included.

The proposed street design incorporates several safety features such as left turn pockets, pedestrian bulb-outs to accommodate ADA ramps, a ‘scramble’ intersection and redesigned safety crosswalks.

A scramble intersection is a pedestrian crossing system that stops all vehicular traffic and allows pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction, including diagonally, at the same.

Community workshops were conducted with three concepts developed. Alternative One would have four lanes with pedestrian enhancements. This first design would include turn pockets and feature an enlarged pedestrian mini plaza, and an enhanced scramble intersection crosswalk.

Alternative Two initiates four lanes with parallel and angled parking with pedestrian enhancements. This alternative introduces angled parking in conjunction with parallel parking.  Improvements such as left turn pockets scramble intersections and various landscape amenities are also proposed.

Alternative Three, is a two lane boulevard with angled parking and pedestrian enhancements. A travel lane will be eliminated for both the northbound and southbound directions, with angled curbside parking located in varied locations. This alternative also includes the scramble intersection and enhanced pedestrian crosswalks.

Left turn pockets would be installed at the Bellflower Boulevard and Oak Street intersection, Bellflower Boulevard northbound onto Oak street will have a turning length of two vehicles and southbound onto Oak Street will have a stacking length of four vehicles.

The future Fire Museum and City Venture development will increase left turn demand onto eastbound Oak Street. For safety twelve existing on street parallel parking spaces will be eliminated. Also required is the removal of existing landscaped bulb outs on Bellflower Boulevard and Oak Street intersection.

Located on the west side of Bellflower Boulevard and Belmont Street will be an enlarged pedestrian mini plaza. This will be in front of the sheriff’s substation and the Subway / Eclipse buildings. The feature will included lighting, landscape, hardscape and street furniture elements.

A scramble intersection would cover the Bellflower Boulevard and Belmont Street intersection. The purpose would be to delineate the four way crosswalk with decorative pavement markings creating a visually interesting focal point for the downtown area.

Enhanced crosswalk projects would include crosswalks at Bellflower Boulevard intersections of Flower, Laurel, Oak and Mayne streets. Each crosswalk will be treated with decorative input, pavement lighting and new trees.  The Boulevard currently has 31 Palm trees, these trees will be removed and replaced, which will coincide with those at the Belmont Street Gateway.

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