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Nov. 16 – Nov. 22, 2015 La Mirada Crime Summary

El Niño Preparedness
With the El Niño weather pattern looming, experts predict that heavy rain will impact Southern California. Preparing your home and family now can guard you from anticipated hazards caused by the weather this winter season.

Home Inspections and Repair

• Fix leaks before it rains. Inspect and repair roof covering, such as missing or cracked shingles and tiles.
•  Inspect and replace caulking and weather seals that are damaged around windows, doors, sliding glass doors, and wall vents.
• Reinforce fencing in case of strong winds and look for areas of fence line built in low-lying areas that may prevent water from draining.
• Clean out gutters and downspouts. Remove objects that may block water from flowing away from the perimeter of the building.
• Remove objects and debris that could be washed into the storm drain.  If the storm drain inlet becomes blocked, water could back up onto your property.
• Check balcony and deck slopes. Clean underground patio drains, yard drains and retaining wall drains. Ensure underground drains direct water towards the street.
• Clear lawn, landscaping or wood bark that may cover yard drain inlets.


• Store emergency repair materials such as caulking, roof repair patch material, heavy plastic sheeting, in a safe dry place.
• Create an emergency kit including the following items: food and water to last three days to a week (don’t forget about pets), first aid kit, flashlights (and extra batteries), radio (and extra batteries), medications, cash and important documents, clothing and sturdy shoes, tools, and sanitation and hygiene supplies.

Driver and Traffic Safety

• Drive cautiously and remember to come to a complete stop at traffic signals if power goes out.
• Check tires. To maintain contact with the road in wet weather, tires should have at least 50 percent of tread life left.
• Replace windshield wipers. Ensure windshield wipers are functioning effectively.
• Check car lights to be sure they are functioning at full power.
• Check brakes. Worn brake pads should be replaced immediately.

Remember to also avoid Flood Channels and Creeks during heavy rain. Register on Alert LA County by visiting www.lacounty.gov/emergency/alert-la to have emergency notifications sent to mobile phones and email addresses.

Aggravated Assault

• An incident was reported near Foster Rd and Marquardt Ave. There were no injuries reported.

Residential Burglary

• A burglary to a garage was reported on the 14200 block of Mansa Dr. Tools were among the items stolen from the location.

Other Structure Burglary

• A burglary was reported on the 14500 block of Telegraph Rd. The incident is currently under investigation.

Vehicle Burglary

• A vehicle burglary was reported on the 16200 block of Summershade Dr.
• Two separate vehicle burglaries were reported on the 12900 block of Edwards Rd. Car stereos and stereo speakers were among the items stolen from both vehicles.
• An attempted vehicle burglary was reported on the 12200 block of Santa Gertrudes Ave.

Grand Theft

• A theft of gardening equipment was reported from a side yard on the 16400 block of Murphy Rd.

Grand Theft Vehicle

• An older model Toyota was reported stolen from the 11800 block of Rimrock Dr.
• An older model Chevrolet pick up truck was reported stolen from the 15700 block of Valley View Ave.
• An older model Honda was reported stolen from the 15700 block of Imperial Hwy.
• A vehicle previously reported stolen from La Mirada was recovered near Clearwood Ave. and Ratliffe St.

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