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La Mirada City Council Adopts Massage Regulations

Staff Report

In 2009, the State of California passed a law significantly reducing the City’s authority over massage businesses. Since then, many cities, experienced major increases in the number of massage establishments, as cities no longer had the tools to regulate them.

In response to local government leaders calling on the State to repeal the law, a new law was approved restoring some of the land use powers previously used in regulating massage parlors. The new law recognizes the authority of local governments to regulate businesses, including businesses providing massage services, through land use, local licensing, and health and safety requirements.

The La Mirada City Council recently approved new laws for massage therapists and massage establishments. Existing massage establishments must now obtain a City permit in order to operate. New establishments must also apply for and obtain a conditional use permit. The hours of operation for these businesses have also been set from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information regarding the new regulations for massage establishments, contact the Planning Division at (562) 943-0313.

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