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La Mirada Crime Summary Feb. 8-14, 2016

Public Safety Team to Canvass Neighborhoods 
In a heightened effort to educate residents about crimes of opportunity, the Public Safety Team will engage residents more directly about how they can take an active role in preventing property crimes.
Sheriff’s deputies, Public Safety Officers, and volunteers will soon be canvassing neighborhoods to educate residents about potential crimes of opportunity. The canvassing will focus on alerting residents of ways they may be leaving their homes and vehicles vulnerable to theft or burglary, such as by leaving garage doors and windows unsecured, placing items in plain sight inside vehicles, and keeping doors unlocked.
The Public Safety Team aims to meet with all residents, however, door hangers and other information with crime prevention tips will be left if residents are not home.
For more information, contact the Community Sheriff’s Station at (562) 902-2960.
  • A strong-arm robbery was reported in a parking lot on the 14200 block of Firestone Blvd.  The victim was treated for irritation to eyes and face from being pepper sprayed.

Vehicle Burglary

  • A window-smash burglary was reported on the 13300 block of Beach Blvd.  Two purses were stolen from vehicle.
  • Power tools and keys were stolen from a vehicle on the 14700 block of Northam St.

Grand Theft

  • A sink and drain pipe stolen in January was reported this week on the 16700 block of San Martin Ave.
  • A generator was stolen from a vehicle on the 15900 block of Alicante Rd. Three suspects were taken into custody.
  • Three rings were stolen from a residence on the 15300 block of Placid Dr.
Grand Theft Vehicle
  • A sedan was reported stolen from the15100 block of Badlona Dr.  The vehicle remains outstanding.

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