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La Mirada Crime Summary May 2 – May 8, 2016

Public Safety Team Urges Home Alarm System Maintenance
Regular maintenance of your home alarm system is essential for ensuring your family and valuables are protected.  A properly functioning alarm system alerts law enforcement of uninvited visitors in your home, and may prevent entry into your home or help catch burglars.
Poorly maintained alarm systems can cause false alarms, which can be costly.  Sheriff’s Deputies respond to false alarms and repeated responses to false alarms may result in citations. These charges can be avoided by conducting simple preventative maintenance.
Here are some ways to routinely maintain your alarm system:
  • Visually inspect all major alarm components for signs of deterioration or damage.
  • Check main power supply and battery power supply.
  • Ensure all manually operated devices, such as panic buttons and sensors, are functioning properly.
  • Test all audible warning devices such as sirens and speakers for functionality.
  • Test remote signaling equipment.
  • Readjust and repair any equipment if necessary.
  • Contact your alarm company to conduct regular tests of your system.
  • A business was robbed while processing a transaction on the 15000 block of Rosecrans Ave.  An employee was treated after being pepper-sprayed.
Residential Burglary
  • No items were stolen during a burglary on the 14200 block of Plantana Dr.
Other Structure Burglary
  • A maintenance room was broken into on the 16100 block of Rosecrans Ave.  Various tools were stolen.
Vehicle Burglary
  • Various personal items were reported stolen on the 13600 block of Valley View Ave.
  • A window-smash burglary was reported stolen on the 14300 block of Firestone Bl.  A briefcase containing a laptop, tablet, and other equipment was stolen.
Grand Theft
  • A purse containing various personal items and cash was stolen on the 14800 block of Beach Blvd.
  • Hardware supplies and tools were reported stolen on the 12300 block of La Mirada Blvd.
Grand Theft Vehicle
  • A sedan was stolen from the 12000 block of Stamy Rd.
  • A SUV was stolen from near the intersection of Santa Gertrudes Ave. and Whitepost Ln.
  • A SUV was recovered from the 15900 block of Imperial Hwy. The vehicle was reported stolen from Whittier Police Department’s jurisdiction.
 La Mirada e-Watch Crime Map

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