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Commerce, CA – On Friday, October 14, the Central Basin Municipal Water District Board hosted a delegation of six water resources directors from Ningbo City, one of China’s oldest cities dating back to nearly 7,000 years ago. Central Basin provided the delegation a rich history of water supplies in Southern California and today’s efforts to conserve the precious resource.
Director Phillip Hawkins and District staff welcomed representatives from five water agencies including: The Department of Water Resources of Ningbo City, Ningbo Water Conservancy Bureau, Ningbo Water Diversion Office, Ningbo Hydrology Station and Ningbo Municipal Administration of Zhougongzhai Reservoir.
“Across the globe, water has the same value. It is a precious resource that sustains life regardless of where you are in the world” said Central Basin General Manager Kevin Hunt.  “We are very honored that the Ningbo City delegation paid a special visit to learn about our mission and role in water delivery.”
The delegation took special interest in the engineering behind imported water supplies. While Southern California and Ningbo share similarities in the complexity of water agencies, the city east of China obtains all of its water supplies from local sources. The delegation discussed the details on capacity and delivery from the State Water Project and Colorado River Aqueduct. The group also discussed the development of recycled water, its usage and future role.
The representing Ningbo water agencies serve a population of nearly 8 million people.

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