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La Mirada Library Bookmark Contest Winners Recognized


Each year, the La Mirada branch of the Los Angeles County Public Library holds a bookmark contest for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade. This year’s winners were honored with awards at the December 13 City Council meeting. The goal of the contest is to challenge parents, educators, and librarians to encourage children to read and nurture the love of reading.  The theme of this year’s contest was “Read for the Fun of it. ” The library received over 600 entries, and the winning bookmarks will be printed and made available at the La Mirada Library. La Mirada’s winning entries have advanced to the County Library contest and Grand Prize winners will be announced in February.  This year’s winners include:  Kindergarten – Second Grade: Jake Chun Second Grade, Eastwood Elementary School

Third – Fifth Grade: Julissa Romo Third Grade, Foster Road Elementary School

Sixth – Eighth Grade: Roma Vashi Sixth Grade, Los Coyotes Middle School

Ninth – Twelfth Grade: Yoojung Kim Tenth Grade, La Mirada High School.

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