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2017 La Mirada Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners Announced



Each year, the City of La Mirada and the Neighborhood Watch Program sponsor the Holiday Home Decorating Program to encourage residents to decorate their homes and spread the holiday spirit. These activities develop community pride and help to preserve the safety and attractiveness of La Mirada. This year, volunteer judges viewed every block in La Mirada from December 1 through December 12. This year’s winning homes are:


North La Mirada

Most Original:                            11524 Toerge Drive

Best Use of Lights:                    11701 Toerge Drive

Best Holiday Scene:                 15102 Fairacres Drive



Most Original:                             14520 Plantana Drive

Best Use of Lights:                     14529 Fairvilla Drive

Best Holiday Scene:                 14334 Alicante Road



Most Original:                            14802 Roma Drive

Best Use of Lights:                    12716 Gabbett Drive

Best Holiday Scene:                  12717 Gabbett Drive


Creek Park

Most Original:                             12921 Bluefield Avenue

Best Use of Lights:                   15650 Olive Branch Drive

Best Holiday Scene:                  15651 Yellow Brook Lane


La Pluma

Most Original:                           14608 Libra Drive

Best use of Lights:                     15802 Greenworth Drive

Best Holiday Scene:                  15732 Elmbrook Drive


Most Original:                           15132 Hayford Street

Best Use of Lights:                    15461 Alondra Boulevard

Best Holiday Scene:                  15544 Dalmatian Avenue


Green Hills/Hillsborough

Most Original:                           13127 Los Alisos Street

Best Use of Lights:                    13039 La Mancha Street

Best Holiday Scene:                  13217 La Quinta Street


Los Coyotes

Most Original:                           14403 Dunnet Avenue

Best Use of Lights:                    15619 Hesse Drive

Best Holiday Scene:                  15038 Watkins Drive


Foster Road

Most Original:                             13869 Muroc Street

Best Use of Lights:                   13103 El Moro Avenue

Best Holiday Scene:                  13828 Foster Road



Most Original:                           14818 Crestoak Drive

Best Use of Lights:                    14814 Figueras Road

Best Holiday Scene:                  15249 Crosswood Road


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