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Dec. 11-17, 2017 La Mirada Crime Summery

Notable Arrests

• A suspect was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm in public and obstruction on the 12300 block of La Mirada Blvd.
• Two suspects were arrested for possession of stolen property and appropriation of lost property.
• Two suspects were arrested throughout La Mirada for various warrants and narcotics violations.


• Cash was stolen during an early morning robbery when an armed suspect entered an establishment on the 14400 block of Firestone Blvd.  No injuries were sustained during the incident.  The case is still under investigation.

Aggravated Assault

• During a verbal argument a victim was choked and punched on the 14900 block of Gagely Ave.  The victim was treated for their injuries.
• An assault was reported on the 14500 block of Valley View.  The victim reported an injury to their right arm pursuant an argument.  No medical attention was required.

Vehicle Burglary

• A purse and toy were reported stolen during a daytime window smash burglary on the 14500 block of Telegraph Rd.

• An evening window smash burglary was reported on the 14800 block of Telegraph Rd.  A laptop and two handheld game systems were stolen.
• A purse and wallet were stolen during an overnight burglary on the 16200 block of Summershade Dr.
• An early morning burglary was reported on the 16100 block of heron Ave.  The exact loss is yet to be determined.

Grand Theft Vehicle

• A stolen sedan was recovered on the 13900 block of Ramhurst Dr.  The vehicle was stolen out of Placentia PD’s area.

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