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Steven Cruz of Cerritos Convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter That Killed La Mirada Resident William Parker



Steven Gerard Cruz of Cerritos was convicted Tuesday of vehicular manslaughter in a drunk driving crash that killed 82-year-old La Mirada resident William Bradford Parker on Mother’s Day 2015 in Buena Park.

Cruz was also convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury and driving with a blood-alcohol content exceeding .08 percent causing injury.

Parker was driving his 2000 Toyota Avalon with his wife and their daughter as passengers on May 10, 2015, as they celebrated Mother’s Day together at an El Torito restaurant, when Cruz slammed his 2006 Nissan Titan pick-up truck into Parker’s car.

Parker’s wife and daughter sustained broken ribs among other injuries in the crash, Feldman said.

Parker was turning right out of the parking lot when Cruz’s vehicle collided with Parker’s car, Feldman said. Cruz was driving about 90 mph on Orangethorpe Avenue with a blood-alcohol content of .11 percent, above the legal limit of .08 percent, officials said.

Cruz told police he was trying to make a yellow light and admitted drinking two Budweisers and smoking marijuana the day before.

Cruz faces up to 12 years and eight months in prison.

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