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It was an interesting night for local politics, with 100% of the vote in the ABC Unified School District was finally able to pass a badly needed infrastructure bond, the first since the 1990’s. 

The bitter battle between mostly Cerritos residents who opposed the measure, and proponents of the bond got very dirty, with opponents once again outright lying on social media and in their campaign materials. 

One person established three fake facebook pages to battle the bond, and he does not own a house in Cerritos.

In other election results, Hawaiian Gardens gained three new young candidates, and with the vitriolic “Pastor” Barry Bruce gone, the Council meetings should be less of a sexual harassment misogynistic affair.

Gone too is the Bruce crony, incumbent Marianna Rios.

Jesse Alvarado got 916 votes, Monica Rodriguez garnered 890 votes, and Luis Roa got 841.

Mariana Rios came in next and got a strong rebuke from residents garnering only 650 as an incumbent.

Hawaiian Gardens, locally born and raised A. Veronica Sauceda won her Judge bench. Sauceda went to elementary and middle schools in HG and graduated from Artesia High.

Long-time Councilman Victor Manalo was ousted in Artesia with newby Rene Trevino taking the second spot.

Can you say 4-1?

Trevino will likely be an outsider, to win his seat, he bashed the City (which has a huge budget surplus) and lied about the Sheriff’s station crime statistics (down 30% this year); and someone might file a complaint with the FPPC for Trevino coordinating with an independent expenditure committee as reported online by HMG-LCCN.

Incumbent Ali S. Taj got 1,338 votes, Trevino got 1,307 and Melissa Ramoso garnered 1,206 votes. Manalo got 1,084 votes.

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District voted for four board members. Ana M. Valencia got 10,194 votes; Jude M. Cázares; 8,831; Darryl Rodney Adams; 8,628; and Jorge A. Tirado, 7,916.

Both incumbents won their seat for the Water Relenishment District, Division 1 incumbent got  46,858 votes while Division 4 incumbent Sergio Joseph Calderon garnered  44,660 votes.

Central Basin Division incumbent Art Chacon won getting15,260 votes and Division 5 incumbent Bob Apodaca got 22,496 votes.

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