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Youth in Government participants attending the October 23rd Council meeting and had an opportunity to meet their counterparts. This  year’s  participants  are  Yvonne  Chen,  Benjamin  Coronado,  Freddy  Cortes,  Luis  Dorantes,  Salem  Haile,  Brenda  Justo,  Jazlyn  Lafferre,  Sebastian  Magar,    Noemi  Munoz,  Aden  Orozco,  Omar  Orozco,  Daniel  Pacheco,  Tristin  Pelayo,  Adriana  Perez,  Sarah  Perez,  Quetzal  Ruvalcaba,  Christian  Santiago,  Emma  Spirescu,  Sarah  Usmani,  Alejandra  Vaca,  Kayla  Zendejas,  and  Francisco  Zuniga.


The City of La Mirada kicked off the 2018-19 Youth in Government Program on Tuesday, October 23. 21 La Mirada High School students are participating in this year’s 59th annual event to learn about local government operations.. From October through February participating students partner with Councilmembers and City staff to gain an understanding of the various City departments and positions.  Students prepare presentations on ideas for City services and programs and learn about civic engagement by taking part in City-sponsored community events and City’s Council meetings.  

For additional information on the Youth in Government program, call the Resource Center at (562) 943-7277.

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